Tie the Knot at Southern Stables

We have outdoor venue spaces

Every couple dreams of finding the perfect wedding venue. If you're on the hunt for a modern farmhouse-style venue, look no further than Southern Stables. We have plenty of space outdoors and in our open air barn for your ceremony and reception. Plus, with an authentic horse stable on the property, you'll have access to a beautiful backdrop for all of your wedding photos.

Our venue isn't just limited to weddings, though. We'll be happy to host any event you have planned. Get in touch with our team today for more information.

An event venue everyone will love

Our event venue was built in 1964, giving it plenty of history and room to grow. We recommend booking our local venue if you're...

Getting married to the love of your life

Hosting a family reunion with all of your loved ones

Putting together a baby shower for a friend

Take advantage of our picture-perfect scenery

Our local venue goes above and beyond your traditional events. If you're a photographer searching for the perfect backdrop for an upcoming session, you've come to the right place. Our venue is available for individual photo session reservations.