Welcome to Southern Stables

Learn more about our event rental space in Lufkin, TX

Southern Stables is a stunning event venue and photography spot located right here in Lufkin, TX. Built in 1964 by a local senator, our farmhouse carries a lot of powerful history. It was originally designed as a residential property before transforming into a bed and breakfast. From there, it slowly transitioned into an event rental space, as it's known today.

Whether you're interested in booking our venue for a wedding or a photoshoot, we're happy to provide you with the space. Our family will go the extra mile to make your event special.

Reserve our local family-owned event rental space by calling 936-238-0471 now.

A versatile space in Lufkin

Having a beautiful location like Southern Stables is ideal for so many different occasions. Our venue is the perfect choice if you'd like to...

  • Host a wedding or a party
  • Take photos for a special occasion
  • Enjoy a safe, peaceful place to ride your horse

More than just an event venue, Southern Stables is a premier horse boarding facility in Lufkin, TX. Our horse boarding services include the use of our rental stables, wash bay and tack room, to name just a few facilities.

Contact us today for more information about our horse boarding services.